Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Name the two Oscar winners and one Oscar-nominated actor that Steve Greenstein has shared scenes with, and the films they appeared in together.


Steve has shared the big screen in scenes with Burt Lancaster Tough Guys, Gary Busey The Bear, and most recently with Tim Robbins in Noise.

Steve Greenstein in "Noise"
Steve in Noise

Steve is also an avid gardener.

When not on set he can be found (or rather not) working the soil in the Hudson Valley of New York State. He is the proud purveyor of Steve’s Gunkworks Pickels Peppers and Preserves, where he grows and pickles his own organic vegetables and fruits. Pickled Peppers, Pumpkin Jam, and his kick arse Tomato Sauce are on the menu for fall 2009. Contact Steve to order.

Steve Greenstien's Gunkworks - Pickles, Peppers, and Preserves