New Yorkers Don't Quit

I always bet on a sure thing. The COVID Ditty web series is a testament to the hard-working NYC families who have chosen to stay and fight. I have reached into my SAG-AFTRA retirement savings to produce the first scripts for Season One, but I need your help to finish the eight-part series. We have actors, an editor and a production team counting on us. We are an economic engine that is putting money into the local Bronx economy. Every time a coffee is bought over a script meeting, a lunch is served on set or an interior location is used, a local Kingsbridge business benefits. The arts are job creators! If you believe New Yorkers don’t quit, please make a contribution today to keep this work alive. For donations more than $60, I’ll throw in a t-shirt that captures this memorable work during an unforgettable time.

– Steve Greenstein