Mr. Greenstein has written two solo plays that have been performed throughout the United States and abroad. Steve, who’s mother and grandmother lived through the Holocaust, tells how their experiences affected his childhood in From Bubby to Bat Yam. The play was performed most recently in New York at St. Malachy’s the Actors Church, it has also been presented as part of Daniel’s Story, a touring exhibit of the United States Holocaust museum. His other solo work Voices From The Holy and Not So Holy Land  has run off Broadway to critical acclaim. For booking information please contact Steve.

Steve Greenstein
Steve Greenstein

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‘Six Million Is Big’
The Child of a Holocaust survivor makes the Shoah accessible in his one-man show jointly hosted by a church and a synagogue.

The Jewish Week, November 9, 2007
By Randi Sherman

“When actor-playwright Steve Greenstein set out to write his one-man play, “From Bubby to Bat Yam,” he did not plan to tell his family’s story of surviving the Holocaust. He wanted to tell his own story.

“Growing up with all this trauma as a child was very hard, a big burden,” Greenstein, 47, told The Jewish Week over matzah ball soup at Cafe Edison last month. “No one asked how I was doing with all this.”

The Holocaust loomed over Greenstein’s head constantly in his formative years. His mother had been hidden in Belgium by a group of Catholic priests; his grandmother had survived Auschwitz, where his grandfather was murdered. The subject of the Holocaust, Greenstein said, was not really discussed in the public schools he attended in the Bronx and Rockland County. His family history left him feeling somewhat isolated from the rest of his peers.

Greenstein will perform “”From Bubby to Bat Yam,” which has received acclaim in both Belgium and Israel, as part of the Kristallnacht commemoration cosponsored by The Actors’ Temple and St. Malachy’s Catholic Church, The Actors’ Chapel.”

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Poignant ‘Voices’

Solo show speaks to the human truths of the Mideast situation.

The Los Angeles Times

By Robert Koehler

“Greenstein the writer makes his points indirectly by simply allowing his characters to speak. Greenstein the actor picks up the thread by absolutely loving each character he plays. It’s why each one feels and sounds so credible, so thoroughly and nonjudgmentally observed.”

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